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The local waterways of the area have provided an abundance of fish and seafood for many generations. The Chitimacha Indians first reaped their reward and that continues today both commercially and recreationally. Lake Verret and the Atchafalaya swamp were primary sources for food as well as income for the settlers who otherwise had very little resources. Today these bayous and lakes serve more as recreational areas which have led to the name “Sportsman’s Paradise”.

Recreational Fishing

Bass tournaments are held year-round and local fisherman Cliff Crochet has competed professionally and won many high profile contests. Alligator hunting has also been around for generations. Local reality TV star Troy Landry, “the king of the swamp”, has brought the area worldwide notoriety through his show Swamp People, seen on The History Channel.

Fisherman posing with caught fish
Attracting Sports Fishermen

The area's abundance of fish and seafood, along with its beautiful waterways, has attracted sports fishermen from around the world. Visitors can enjoy fishing for a variety of species, including bass, catfish, and redfish. Additionally, crabbing, crawfishing, and shrimping are popular activities that allow visitors to experience the local seafood culture firsthand.

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