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Capital Outlay



August 1, 2023

The Pierre Part Belle River Museum, Inc. board is delighted to share some exciting news about our

endeavor to build a museum that will preserve and celebrate our community's rich history and

cultural heritage. Thanks to your unwavering support, the efforts of our dedicated team, and the

assistance of Senator Bret Allain II, Senator Caleb Kleinpeter, Representative Chad Brown and all

other legislators who were involved, we have secured a significant amount of funding from state


The capital outlay act for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 – Act 463 of the 2023 State of Louisiana Regular

Legislative Session contains appropriations of $1,350,000 for our museum’s planning and construction.

Also included in Act 463 is an additional $2,000,000 in Capital Outlay Priority 5 funds. We hope to

move those dedicated funds into Priority 1 during the 2024 legislative session providing us the

critical financial foundation necessary to bring this project to fruition once construction begins. This

allocation of funds relies on our organization’s ability to secure matching funds of $450,000, so

your help is still greatly needed.

The generous funding from the state is a testament to the importance and significance of our museum

project. It reflects the acknowledgment of our community's invaluable contributions to the region's

history and the need to preserve our unique heritage for future generations.

As we move forward, we are thrilled about the progress we have made. However, despite this

substantial funding boost, we still need additional financial support from our community to ensure the

successful realization of this dream project.

The museum will be a place where the stories of our ancestors, the struggles they faced, and the

triumphs they achieved will come to life. It will be a place of learning, inspiration, and unity for

all members of our community and visitors alike. To make this vision a reality, we are seeking

contributions from individuals, local businesses, and organizations.

Your support, no matter the amount, will make a tremendous difference. Every donation will go directly

towards the construction, curation, and ongoing maintenance of the museum. By contributing to this

project, ou are investing in the legacy of our

community and its invaluable cultural heritage.

Here are a few ways you can show your support:

• Make a Donation: Visit our website at to make a secure

online donation. Alternatively, you can contact one of our board members to make a contribution in


• Spread the Word: Share our museum project with your friends, family, and colleagues. Let them

know about the impact this initiative will have on preserving our community's heritage.

• Volunteer: If you have time and skills to spare, consider joining our team of volunteers. Your

expertise and passion will play a vital role in bringing this project to life.

• Corporate Sponsorships: If you represent a local business or organization, explore the

possibili<es of corporate sponsorships. Partnering with us will demonstrate your commitment to

supporting the community and its heritage.

We truly believe that together, as a united community, we can accomplish great things. Our museum

will not only honor the past but also shape the future, becoming a beacon of knowledge and

understanding for generations to come.

Thank you for your continued dedication and support. Let's work hand in hand to create a museum that

will make us all proud. Together, we can build a lasting legacy for our community!

With heareelt gratitude,

Pierre Part Belle River Museum Board

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