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The intent of the Pierre Part Belle River Museum is to present and preserve the Cajun culture which has grown and evolved during three centuries in the Atchafalaya Basin.


Latest News

The Pierre Part Belle River board members, as well as committee members, visited the Acadian Museum in Erath. Warren Perrin, Museum Board member and founder, gave the group insight into the massive collection housed at the Museum.

He shared his expertise on the Acadian journey in a very compassionate and informative manner.

Mr. Perrin devotedly worked for many years with various governmental officials to receive an apology from Queen Elizabeth for the British deportation of the Acadians.

This journey also led to the recognition of Acadian culture by many nations, which continues today.

We, Acadian descendants, deeply appreciate his support and the information he shared for our upcoming museum.


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Welcome to the Pierre Part Belle River Museum! We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history and culture of our community. Your support is vital to help us continue to collect, display, and educate about the rich heritage of our region. Please consider donating, becoming a member, or volunteering your time to help us ensure that the stories of our past are not forgotten. Thank you for your support!

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