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Breaking Ground 2023

Phase 1


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2024 Valentine's Dinner Dance & Auction

Ever since the idea of a museum dedicated to the presentation and preservation of the Cajun culture was first thought of, many local people have spent hours of time, travel, research and whatever else it took to bring this idea to fruition. There have been fundraisers bringing in thousands of dollars thanks to the generosity of citizens — donations from companies, grants, gifts of money and property. Groups have visited Baton Rouge and spoken to politicians, making sure that those in charge of monies knew what the museum plan was all about, where it would be located, what it would feature, how it would be built, how much money had already been raised = all the details of a well planned project, worthy of funding.


In the past year, these groups had learned from Senator Bret Allain that several million dollars was available for such a project but there was a catch. The museum board would have to raise matching funds. In this case, 25% of the possible $3.35 million.


Enter Julius Mabile, retired Performance Contractors executive and Art Favre, owner of Performance Contractors. Both men are well aware of how many people in the Pierre Part community have been and continue to be Performance employees and are critical to the success of the company. Mr. Art wanted to recognize their contributions and dedication by doing something big for the community. The result was a stunningly generous check for $1.2 million from Performance Contractors to the Pierre Part/Belle River Museum project, the amount necessary to qualify as the matching funds for the money from the state.


A replica of the Performance donation check was presented at the February 17, 2024 Valentine’s Day fundraiser sponsored by the museum group. At this event, board president Darrel Rivere spoke with passion about the efforts of all the people who have helped to promote the museum to this point. “When complete, this museum will highlight the talents and efforts of all the people who have built boats, fished, trapped, hunted, farmed, picked moss, worked in lumber mills, and spent their lives in so many other areas which have made Pierre Part and Belle River so unique and so worthy of being preserved,” said Rivere. “Thank you to Performance Contractors and thank all of you here tonight.”

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