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Our Projects  

Community initiatives and partnerships continue to provide crucial support that bring the museum to life. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to everyone. 

Wild Iris Planting
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Valentine's Day Dinner, Dance, and Auction
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Annual Golf Tournament image
2024 Wild Iris Planting

We want to thank the Louisiana Iris Conservation Initiative for selecting our museum site to assist in the preservation of our Louisiana Wild Iris. It was an honor to be chosen as one of the site to help in this preservation. We had a successful day with many volunteers working hard to get the job done. Thank you to all who came and worked hard to plant these beautiful flowers. 

2024 Valentines Dinner, Dance, & Auction

Come out and support us to help raise money for the upcoming museum. 

Golf Tournament

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to all our sponsors and teams who participated in our recent golf tournament at Atchafalaya at Idlewild Golf Course. With the incredible support of 10 dedicated teams and several generous sponsors, we're thrilled to announce that we raised $10,000 for the Pierre Part Belle River Museum. This success brings us one step closer to completing the museum dream. Looking forward to next year and many more events ahead!

Valentines Dinner, Dance, and Auction Flyer


Valentines Dinner, Dance, & Auction

Come out and support us to help raise money for the upcoming museum. 

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Pierre Part Belle River Fundraiser Flyer
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2023 Fundraiser


The residents of Pierre Part/Belle River and surrounding communities have again come through for the benefit of the future Pierre Part Belle River Museum!!!! The numbers are finally in and the net profit for the Valentines Dinner, Dance and Auction is $98,439.08!!!! Just amazing but only possible through the efforts of all members involved and our own community!!! We send you all a very big THANK YOU for your support!!! Things will begin to move faster with various events in the future and grants that we are diligently applying for. With that being said, we will begin forming committees for the different phases we will be facing in the near future. I am asking and encouraging anyone who would like to be on one of our committees, please comment below or message any one of us. We need our community’s involvement!!! We look forward to hearing from you and putting your personal stamp on our future Museum! Thank you all!!

Calendar Contest Flyer
2023 Calendar Contest


Our Calendar Contest this year was an absolute hit. We chose 21 students artistic designs to represent our amazing community's history and culture. Calendars are now on sale, and you can view and purchase them through the following link. 

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